Understanding the Advertising Network and 30 Popular Examples

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Understanding the Advertising Network and 30 Popular Examples

In digital marketing, advertising networks, also known as ad networks, play a significant role in connecting advertisers with publishers. These platforms act as intermediaries that aggregate available ad space from publishers and sell it to advertisers. This article will define the concept of advertising networks and list 30 popular examples.

What is an Advertising Network?

An advertising network is a platform that serves as a mediator between advertisers who want to purchase ad space and publishers who wish to host advertisements. These networks aggregate available ad space from publishers and sell it to advertisers, often employing advanced algorithms to pair ads with suitable spaces. This is typically done based on various factors like content relevance, audience demographics, and advertiser bid amounts.

Advertising networks offer several advantages, including:

  • Efficiency: They simplify the process of purchasing ad space across multiple platforms, enabling advertisers to reach a wide audience.
  • Targeting: Many ad networks offer refined targeting capabilities, allowing advertisers to reach specific demographics or individuals with particular interests or behaviors.
  • Reporting and Analytics: They often provide comprehensive reporting tools that enable advertisers to track their ads' performance and adjust their strategies accordingly.

30 Popular Advertising Networks

Here are 30 popular advertising networks, as of the last update in 2021:

1. Google Ads (formerly AdWords)

2. Facebook Ads

3. Microsoft Advertising (formerly Bing Ads)

4. AdRoll

5. Outbrain

6. Taboola

7. EvaDav

8. Amazon Advertising

9. Twitter Ads

10. LinkedIn Marketing Solutions

11. AppNexus

12. Adsterra

13. Media.net

14. Revcontent

15. InMobi

16. AdColony

17. AdMob by Google

18. BuySellAds

19. Adcash

20. ExoClick

21. Chitika

22. PropellerAds

23. Clicksor

24. PopAds

25. Conversant Media (formerly ValueClick Media)

26. Epom Ad Server

27. MGID

28. Admitad

29. Criteo

30. Zeropark

Please note that each of these networks has unique features, ad formats, targeting capabilities, and payment models, so it's important to conduct thorough research and choose the ones that align with your advertising objectives.


Advertising networks are a vital component of the digital advertising ecosystem, providing an efficient means for businesses to reach their target audiences. The selection of the right ad network can depend on a variety of factors, such as your business type, your target audience, and your marketing goals. Thorough research and consultation with a marketing professional are advised to make an informed decision.